Thursday, 8 May 2014

Establish Change Management By Hiring Consultants

time for change clockFor many business organisations, establishing change management may not be possible if it is being performed by an internal member of management. The reluctance to actually make the changes that are necessary to improve the areas of concern is greater when the person proposing those changes is close to the situation. For this very reason, it is recommended to establish change management by hiring consultants. This can have both a positive and negative affect on the people within the change. They can, in some instances, view the consultant as a hero if they gain something from the change, or as a villain if they lose something during the change.

Change management consultants know that there are several popular models of change management that are used successfully in business today. Every model has drawn its steps from the same basic principles of change management. Those principles are;

·         Every person who experiences change will react differently as an individual.

·         Everyone seeks to fulfil their own basic needs regardless of what position they hold.

·         In most cases for change to take effect everyone will lose something that is comfortable to them.

·         Individuals have many different ideas about change management efforts, so the plans must be pragmatic.

·         The fear of change is very real and must be dealt with in effective ways.

By taking these principals into consideration with every change, the consultant proposing the change has a higher likelihood of success.

Establishing change management needs to be accepted by all employees in the business in order for it to be successful. Change management can be made less traumatic on the organisation if different levels of peer groups are formed to train employees on the changes and help deal with the changes as they occur. Change should never be delivered quickly without warning. There are steps to implementing change to make it effective with the employees.

·         Inform the employees that there are going to be changes made.

·         Help them to recognise that the changes are necessary for the business to advance.

·         Provide the appropriate training for the employees prior to making the change.

·         Help to meet the employee’s needs during the adjustment period after the change.

·         Gain the approval and support of the employees for a successful implementation.

When a consultant proposes a change management solution, it has been drawn from the facts formed by the data provided by the business. Balancing the steps to migrate the company through the changes successfully is completely the choice of the businesses management. However, if the proposed steps are going to be overlooked, then hiring the consultant would be a waste of time and money. The consultant can direct management on how to sell the proposed changes to the employees by providing best practices in most cases. For a successful migration, management should approve the proposed steps and implement them accordingly.

If your company is serious about making the changes that need to be made to move your business forward in an ever changing marketplace, then hiring a change management consultant is the way to go.

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  1. In a work environment change is normally frowned upon. The first thing to come to an employee's mind is that there are going to be layoffs and they are next. It is best to warn employees and let them know. It not only gives you and the employees a peace of mind, but also keeps some of the less scrupulous employees from slacking off it they "are going to be let go anyway". Though the statement might be true, it's always lurking. Great tips.

    1. Agreed. Communication is key when going through change, so that everybody is aware of the outputs that are required and how they will be achieved.

  2. Change is not always fun, but if change gives employees more money and a better working environment, then that's great for business, hands down. Change of course also needs to happen. We can't expect to stay in a time where things become obsolete, so change has to happen.

    1. Carol, you are absolutely right that change needs to happen if we are to succeed. If it didn't, we would all still be riding around in horse drawn carriages.

  3. I am a agriculture consultant and I can't stress enough how important it is to have that "outside" look at your business. I often see things that business owners don't.

  4. Change is never easy nor is it fun, but sometime a change in management is just what the doctor ordered!

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