Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Management Consultants Provide Training for Board Mentoring

Board MentoringFor many businesses, the training of new board members can take valuable time away from the board meetings themselves. When management consultants are utilised, they can be used to help train other board members to be effective board mentors for the newer members. The key role of a board member is to make informed decisions on company business as effectively and efficiently as possible. Learning to do this can take some time to master and having a mentor to help guide new board members through the first few months can be a huge advantage, provided the mentor knows how to direct the mentee.

An effective management consultant can spend a small amount of time pointing out what areas of business are the most important to highlight to a mentor. The management consultant doesn’t need to know all of the aspects of the business in order to train the mentors what to pass along. However, the mentors need to possess the knowledge of the business in order to pass it on to the mentees. You could say that the management consultants are training the mentors to be trainers themselves. If done in an effective manner, the mentors then possess the training to pass along to the next generation of mentors.

Many consulting firms hire consultants that have expert training capabilities under their belts in order to best assist their clientele. The consultants themselves know how valuable of a tool this is and many will keep their training skills updated so that they are of more value to the company as well. When looking to consulting firms for the right management consultants, make sure to check their skills to see if they have mentor training listed amongst them. If they don’t have it listed, be sure to ask the consulting firm to verify it before hiring them on, if mentor training is one area that you need assistance with. Other areas of expertise can include;

·         Organisational governance.

·         Direction over the creation, administration, and evaluation of company policies.

·         Ensuring the company’s effectiveness in the marketplace.

·         Maintaining the company’s credibility and viability in the marketplace.

While some of the board duties can seem company specific, you must remember that the management consultants will not be doing the actual decision making, they will be training the actual board members on what types of things need to be taught to the mentees. The consultants need not ever see the inside of the company board room if that would be your choice.

By hiring a management consultant specifically for training board mentors, you are ensuring that the next generation of board members are trained on the important factors of being a board member for the company. The frugal business owners might also take advantage of the training time and create a company training manual during the training to ensure that each new board member is trained on the same things in the future. If you are paying for the consultant already, you might as well get the most for your money.

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  1. We hired a management consultant specifically for training board mentors about a year ago and it was the best thing we could have done. Not only do we finish our goals quicker, but it really gave us a sense of direction.

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